To us, art comes first. And second. And third.

That is why the basis of all of our programs is a series of interdisciplinary classes focused on the artistic practice, such as drawing, painting, photography, art history and scenography. All of our teachers are successful professionals that work in their fields, and make a living out of it. This way, they can be a guide not only on the theoretical aspects but also to the current market.

Biblioteca Borges

We are an institution committed with the surroundings we inhabit, but we are also a high-quality platform of academic training. We are committed to society, to the environment, and the arts.   

We have a LEED building, (from Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), where our gallery La Miscelánea is located. The certification is voluntary, and it accredits the responsible use of energy and the energetic efficiency of our institution. We are the first university in Mexico that has this recognition.

Furthermore, once a year we realize the Unarte Encounter (Encuentro Unarte) ―a space of discussion and lectures about present topics of social compromise, art impact and design in today’s society.

We also make the art and design fair Llevarte, that helps to create a bond between the students and the art market. In this fair the students are self-employed because they promote, present and sell their own products to the attendees.

At Unarte we live what we do: art and design. We teach seven degrees and three masters. We are an open, plural and interdisciplinary space where different voices, talents and proposals meet.


To live in Puebla implies living the cultural and artistic scenes the city has to offer, but also the calm of a safe and quiet city.

Unarte is located in La Paz, a halfway point in the city. Since it is a residential and commercial neighborhood, it allows you to tour it by walk, in addition to the several important spots to visit―cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries. It is just between the most important areas of the city―Downtown (Centro Histórico), Angelópolis, and Cholula.

In downtown you can make a visit to some of the most important galleries and museums of the city―El Museo Amparo, La Capilla del Arte, La Biblioteca Palafoxiana, and La Casa de la Cultura, just to mention a few. Downtown is a place where you can find almost anything, from art and gastronomic galleries, such as Casa Nueve, and Luis Buñuel’s Cinematheque; as well as libraries and micro-theatres

Museo Barroco International Baroque Museum

Another close spot to Unarte is Angelópolis. This is mainly a commercial area, but you can also find museums―El Museo Internacional Barroco, and El Complejo Cultural Universitario of BUAP, a complex with a small movie theatre, an art gallery, library and a great bohemian vibe. Cholula, on the other hand, is a small town located very near to La Paz as well, and apart from being one of the oldest cities in LatinAmerica, it is an meeting place for students and a great place to live in.

Puebla is just a couple of hours away from Mexico City, the heart of contemporary art of the country. We recommend you to visit Museo Jumex, Museo Tamayo, MUAC, Cinemateca Nacional and the fairs of contemporary art such as Zona Maco and Material. If you are planning to visit some of these places, please ask for information with your Dean; we organize travels with the students on regular basis.

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